The night before the trip, I made a quick list of what I was hoping to “get” from the field trip:

– Any information or resources about Gloria Steinem, The Women’s Liberation Movement and SFU’s possible involvement.

– Knowledge and experience about SFU. I’ve never truly toured the campus and it could be a possible post-secondary school for me.
– A fun time with the TALONS classes, an awesome day out of the classroom and getting to know and spend more time with my fellow classmates.
– Having one of my favorite types of cuisines for lunch, Indian!

– I have always enjoyed going up to Burnaby Mountain Park to see the view and how peaceful it is up there, so hopefully it will be a nice day

~The Following Night~

I could say that my trip to SFU was very successful! I was able to check most items off my list and took some great photos for an iPhone.

The weather wasn’t the greatest as we loaded the buses early Thursday morning and it ceased to rain any less as we went up the mountain, however that didn’t ruin our parade. The first half of the trip, we went to the museum of anthropology and ethnology where we saw native art work from not just BC, but all around the world. There was also a little display called “Sfuwarts” which contained “school supplies”. My inner Harry Potter lover was very happy when I saw that!


Slytherin or Gryffindor?

Slytherin or Gryffindor?


After leaving the museum, us nines were introduced to an activity where we went off by ourselves, found somewhere to sit or stand and just watched. We weren’t allowed to go on our phones or put in headphones either. I found a comfy seat right on the intersection between two major hallways and next to the Renaissance Coffee house. I received a few odd glances partially because I wasn’t on my phone and was actually looking up and probably because I looked too young to be at a university. I was really shocked to see how many people were looking down and on their phones, plugged in with headphones and not bothering to even say a good morning to the person next to them. We’ve become so obsessed with our phones that we’re hiding in ourselves and behind them.

Once we all met up, we went on a walk around the campus. This was one of my favorite times because we actually got to see the campus. SFU tends to have a bad rep because of all the concrete it’s made out of and how the architect designed prisons so it has a prison feeling. However, I love the buildings. The concrete contrasts with all the glass so it’s bright inside and gives it a very modern/contemporary feel. As well, the concrete isn’t just blocks, they are intricately placed against each other and there is art and symmetry everywhere.


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After the walk we went over to the Himalayan Peak restaurant, where we had our lunch. I love Indian food so I was very excited to eat and also because I was hungry in general. The food was great and the environment was cozy and warm against the cold and rainy exterior. Once lunch ended, we headed off back to the school for our tours of the campus. We split off into two groups that were lead by Jamie’s older sisters. We got to learn a little history of the school and fun facts as well as what the school offers for the students. Finally it came the time to go to the library. Now I wasn’t expecting your average public library as it was a university, however seven floors of books was a big surprise for me. We all rushed in quietly to respect the students there as we eagerly found a search station to see if the library had books about our eminent person. Once I found a couple of books about Gloria, the hardest part came along of actually finding the books. Up two flights of stairs and I was in the Women’s Studies/Feminism/Women’s Rights department. These barcodes were not the easiest to read however success! I found not one but two big books on Gloria’s life and work, both of which I am excited to read. By the time I found my books it was time to head back down to the main floor and meet up with the others. We took a couple quick group photos and loaded the buses to head back to Gleneagle.

Bus shenanigans

Bus shenanigans

My eyes may be closed... oops

My eyes may be closed… oops

The epitome of Dante and I's friendship

The epitome of Dante and my friendship

Photo-bombing as usual

Photo-bombing as usual

No comment

No comment

Selfies were the theme of this trip... literally.

Selfies were the theme of this trip… literally.