The seven challenges:


Challenge 1: Tension

When stress builds up, tension arises. In group situations, it is crucial to find healthy ways to relieve that tension. Personally, I like to stop, slow down and count to ten slowly in my head. This helps me get my boundaries and clear some space in my head. Secondly, I address my group and tell everyone to take a breather, get some space, and maybe have a snack or drink of water. Knowing myself, when my blood sugar gets low I tend to get grumpy so I always make sure that I’m drinking water and am not starving. This may help others as well. Once the break is over, we re-group and see if we can work out the tension in a calm and supportive manner.


Challenge 2: Frustration

When following a leader who is ineffective, is can be quite difficult to know whether or not to try to help them. In most cases, always continue to add value to the group. If the leader is not contributing whatsoever, pull them aside and ask them if everything is okay. Maybe they need some help with leading, or are just uncomfortable with the whole situation. No matter what, always keep the rest of the group on task and continuing to add value.


Challenge 3: Multi-hat

Question 1)

How many hats am I currently wearing?

Hat #1: My true hat. Loud, rambunctious, loud, and happy. No real responsibilities, don’t need to be a leader.

Hat #2: School hat. Quieter, I watch what I do and say. I am calmer than when I am with my friends or at home as well. Responsibilities and leadership required daily.

Hat #3: Basketball hat. Serious and aggressive on the court, yet motivator on the bench. Responsibilities and leadership required. Communication is crucial.

Hat #4: Solitary hat. No pressure to do anything, I am free. Minimal responsibilities and not any necessary leadership.


Challenge 4: Ego

Question 1)

While some people seem to focus more on production or promotion, I believe that I fall somewhere in the middle. I like working hard and a promotion or praise is nice once in a while but I believe that if I know that I’m working hard, that’s all the “praise” that I need.


Challenge 5: Fulfillment

Question 2)

When your team wins a game, it’s a celebration for everyone. We all worked hard, and worked together to accomplish our goal (usually winning a game) and with that we can congratulate everyone. When it’s just you getting the recognition however, it’s only yourself that you can celebrate with, and you can’t really share that happiness with anyone else. Winning as a team also brings you closer, it gives everyone confidence and we work harder to maintain that success.


Challenge 6: Vision

Question 2)

Illustrate the vision. Some people may not get it through words, so try drawing it for them. Everyone has different ways that they learn in, so adapt to those needs. Also, speak with confidence. Know what your talking about, and people tend to follow you.


Challenge 7: Influence

Question 3)

Don’t smother you team, they may get uncomfortable, however, do let them know that you care about them. When people know that others care about them and have faith in them, they tend to work harder and lead a good and positive example for others. Compliment a member once in a while, smile at them, encourage them and high fives always work.