I didn’t know how much I love four day weeks until now. I’m back into the swing of things of school and I’m really happy with the two classes I am in this semester, however, knowing that tomorrow is a pro-d brings me a lot of happiness.

My mentor and I usually meet every Sunday or every two Sundays, however due to schedulesu, we met this past Saturday. We went over the basics again, talked about the different songs we’ve been working on or discovered, and decided on a couple of songs we wanted to try out during that meeting.

We decided on “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, as well as “Hakuna Matata” from the Lion King. Uptown Funk is surprisingly easy, as it only possesses two chords, and you really just need to focus on the beat of the song. Hakuna Matata is as well fairly easy to play, however I found the strumming pattern a bit difficult, so I asked my mentor if it was okay for me to change the strumming pattern. Long story short, she said that when covering a song, you can alter it and make it your own however you want; that’s the point of covering a song. I am currently without my ukulele right now, however I do plan on uploading a couple of quick covers shortly!

I think one of the aspects of playing the uke that I am having a challenge with is when a strumming pattern requires me strum up twice. My brain is saying strum up, while my hand forgets that it’s a hand and messes up. To help with that, I’ve found a website where they just have audio clips of strumming patterns for me to listen to and play along to.



Singing is a bit dodgy, however I don’t usually sing so bear with me haha