Hello fair reader, this is Samuel Leonard Tilley.

It strikes me that you have an interest with me, I am only a simple young man from Gagetown. Since I am a recently certified pharmacist, I have opened up a drugstore with my cousin Thomas named; “Peters and Tilley Cheap Drugs”. Business has been booming so far, I guess with his charm and my knowledge, we have many loyal customers. Speaking of loyalty, both sides of my family are United Empire Loyalists, hailing from New Brunswick. Anyways, I have strong beliefs in this business and I do love being able to help people on a daily basis. Belief is something I am very passionate about as I teach Sunday-school part-time at my local Anglican church, as well as attend every sermon each Sunday.

However, to bring you a hip new view of my life currently, I have written a bomb as heck rap for you:

Was a pharmacist at the time

All I do these days is rhyme

About to marry my first wife

Besides drugs, she is my life

Praise Jesus hallelujah


From new b town is where I hail

All I get is mail

Sideburns will tell the tale

Goin up in the club

Throwin up in the house

Of commons

It ain’t common


Loyal to queen v

And my homeboy JC

Missin my fam back east

They all sending me treats,

Of money

It ain’t funny


Drugs are my game,

But they ain’t to blame

For the poverty striking these people

Rebels in the west and wars down south

Railroads freeing my brothas



S to the T you know it’s me

L eezy is back on the street

*mic drop*

Until next time,

Samuel Leonard Tilley

(L eezy)

l eezy