Confederation for the nation

Trust me we have gratification

To the empire of the rising sun

But your sons must break free

From your iron fist and metal bars

This country was not created to be weighed down

I only hope that you tip the crown my queen

And let us become the nation that we want to be


Conference in C town where I rep my colony

Is the greatest honour they could give me,

My people are weary to join,

As rumours spread of rebellions along the river,

We’ve had our own struggles of recession and deportation

Yet our riches boom like the canons off the ships that we build

And the fish never let us go hungry

I believe we bring a lot to the table

The maritimes will keep everyone stable


S to the T you know it’s me

freedom for our nation,

freedom for our country.


All raps and rhymes aside, my life has been moving at a rapid pace. When we last spoke I was just about to marry Julia Ann Hanford and I did, and now we have eight beautiful children. I recently sold my drug store, as my political career as presumably taken over much of my life. I sit in the New Brunswick Assembly as a member of the Liberal party, and have been since 1850. Being part of a party surely has it’s benefits, as I get to know about everything political that is happening in Canada West and Canada East. There is finally talk of confederation between the two colonies and I know that they’re both hoping that the Maritimes join as well. We have a strong economy of fisheries and ship building for the British, and give protection to Canada West and East from anyone going by boat through the Atlantic. The first conference is happening in Charlottetown, and I’ve been chosen as the the advocate to represent New Brunswick, and if any other conferences happen, I will be the representative of New B town. I am excited to meet others who possibly share the same views as me, and knowing that I am going to be a part of history one day if this all works out is astonishing. Going into the conference, I’ve been going over my beliefs, views, and what I see for these colonies. I don’t favour the British over the French because I am British, and I have seen the hospitality of both people when my family escaped to Canada from America during the revolution. I have worked with Aboriginal people and given the circumstances, they deserve a voice since they were technically here first and have welcomed us into their land, and we’ve really taken over much of it. This conference is going to make big things happen, and I only hope the best for Canada.