I don’t want to be remembered as the only person to have ever thrown up in the house of commons. I want to be remembered as the man that helped create Canada by bringing with him the province of New Brunswick.

Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am that confederation has finally happened and we are now free from British rule. It just so happens to be that I am the person that came up with the “Dominion” in “The Dominion of Canada” I believe that life will improve for everyone now that we’re one country with one government however, the only thing that is drawing me back is that I did not make a bigger impact than I thought I would. Some may argue that I did create an impact, that if it weren’t for me the maritimes could be different, that the course that confederation ran may have been different, but I tend to not listen to those people as often as I should. As I stood outside once the London conference was finished, I felt a great relief or weight being taken off my shoulders. While others were off celebrating and drinking, I decided to write my final address, here it is:

My childhood was filled to the brim with privilege, and now, it seems to be overflowing. At the beginning of my adulthood, I was a pharmacy shop owner who had little aspirations in life. I was set to get married and settle down once I’m older, but deep down I knew that this life was never for me. I wanted freedom from an empire that has mistreated countless minorities countless times I had seen my own friends and neighbors be ripped from their homes and never be seen again. And my loyalist parents thought that this was okay because they were here first. I Sir, Samuel Leonard Tilley may not have been the John A. or Papineau of this time, but I’ve spent my whole advocating for them, for freedom, for this new found country and now that we’ve achieved it, where do I go from here? I brought New Brunswick to this nation on my own back as I watch my own wife die and children grow up from a distance I don’t think I was ever built for that life. Politics are my family and although throwing up in the house of commons isn’t something one might want to be remembered for, but at least it’s something. I’ve spent the last decades of my life advocating for confederation, for freedom, for this country, yet, was it all worth it? Where do I go now? I may be the sole reason that New Brunswick joined Canada but I’d be lucky to get a paragraph in a history textbook.

In case you didn’t know, I also have twitter! This is where I shared some of my thoughts and feelings while this whole show was going down.

I would appreciate it if you stopped and took a look, I exchanged a few words with some individuals such as Tecumseh and Papineau which were pretty interesting. As well, I’ve made two other blog posts that can be found here and here.

I know great things are going to come out of this country, and that together we will be a nation of leaders, activists, and inventors that will eventually make this world a better place. Canada is going to be a force to be reckoned with, however; it may take a few bumps on the railway to get there.

This is my last post, thank you for going on this journey with me.

– Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley