I’m baffled by the fact that it’s already May. These months have been flying by as fast as they have come! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been playing the ukulele for five months now. However, before I get too into this post, I will admit that I have not been playing the ukulele as much as I would like to be. Other commitments and academics have eaten up a large chunk of my time, so Kylah and I have only met up once since our last visit. High school and Talons have really put me up to the test of “the real world”. I’ve always been a busy person, but nothing has ever been like this before. The ukulele has been something that I find therapeutic. If I’m really stressed out or having an anxiety issue, I just strum for a few minutes and I’m usually back to normal.

When starting the ukulele, I was only doing it for myself as a way to discover how I learned, and how I could stay motivated to stick to one project; however, the ukulele has also helped me develop a bit more confidence. If someone told me a year ago that I would eventually be posting videos of me singing and playing the ukulele, I’d say they were crazy and laugh it off. I know that I don’t have one of greatest voices out there, but that factor has never stopped me from singing, even if it’s only really in the shower! Music has always been a major part of my life, and this is just another way of bringing it into my life.

Anyways, here is another song I covered. This one is slightly difficult because there is a chord change on almost every line of the song, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy and fun to play.

To tie de Bono into this last post, I’ve decided to mix both of the posts and talk about one concept from each post. I’m taking in “diversions and off-course” of post #7 and “interruptions” of post #8.

I am a person who can easily go off topic. One word sends me down a spiral of possible song connections, trivia facts, movie quotes, television characters, or personal stories. My mind is generally racing a mile a minute and Kylah’s is exactly like that as well. When we meet up, we ask each other about our weeks, how are lives are, anything new or exciting happening, if we want tea and then eventually sit down to play the ukulele. If I’ve been working on something, I perform it for Kylah and she does the same. Every meeting we try out different songs together and always ask her three-year old son, Xavi, if he has any requests. One day, we were scrolling through different songs to test out and the Sailor Moon Theme song came about. Instantly, we both agreed that we had to check it out. However, this lead to us watching the actual theme song on Youtube, seeing another link to another Sailor Moon video, and next thing we knew we were on a Sailor Moon fanmade wikipedia looking at characters and deciding who was more Sailor Mercury than Sailor Mars. We both aided that diversion. After that, the rest of our conversations between playing the uke was centered around old cartoons that we used to watch growing up.

When in conversation, I don’t clearly remember a time where one of us interrupted each other. I personally don’t like to be interrupted, so I treat others how I want to be treated in conversation. However, Kylah does have a three-year old son, who when he wants or needs something, he’s vocal about it. Xavi also has a stick collection, but each stick is something different. One is a crossbow, another is a bazooka and another stick could just be some amo. When he first met me, he was a bit unsure of my presence, yet by our most recent visit, he was giving me his own weapons “to protect myself from the zombies”. At times, we could be in the middle of a song or in conversation when he would like something to eat, or wants a toy out of his reach and would belt out a “moooom!” for help. I didn’t mind at all, he’s a pretty cute kid and this gave me a little break to rest my fingers. Xavi also has his own ukulele, so one time he broke it out of the toy box and played along with us which was very fun.

Learning to play the ukulele has been a blast, and I only hope to continue with this little instrument. I take it wherever I go now most of the time! This in-depth will be continuing for as long as I play the ukulele, because there is always something new to learn to play.