It has been awhile since I’ve posted! I took a disposable film camera on the Hicks Lake Retreat, and here are the photos that made it. My finger does however make a few appearances in the pictures, I’m too used to a DSLR! The Oliver photo is hands down my favourite photo that I took over the three days. And Christine’s impromptu selfie is a gem as well. 0022_1a0024_00a 0021_2a 0023_0a0019_5a 0009_15a 0015_9a 0014_10a 0010_14a 0011_13a 0012_12a 0016_8a 0017_7a 0018_6a 0013_11a 0007_17a 0006_18a 0005_20a 0004_21a 0003_22a 0008_16a 0001_25a 0002_24a