Overall this trip was a successful one. As one of the students to help pull this shin-ding together, I’m happy with the field trip we organized for the students, and how efficiently it was planned!

Going downtown is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time, and the VPL was where Hullabaloo was held this year, so I have some fond memories with the place.

I love the building that the library is in. Like SFU, the building is an abstract design, and is primarily made up of glass and concrete. I like the display of the two contrasting materials, and the local artwork that is posted in and around the building.

image8 image4

Going into this trip, I planned:

  • To narrow down who I was going to be for eminent
  • To make sure the trip ran smoothly with little to no hitches
  • To create more connections with peers (nines and tens)
  • To enjoy a day in downtown Vancouver
  • To eat a good piece of pizza

Out of these five objectives, I believe that I met them all. Going to the library, I had two women in mind for my eminent study; Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou. Two powerful, influential, women of colour. The race of my eminent person never came across my mind when I was narrowing down the list, however, I think that this could add another little challenge for me. I didn’t have a clear idea on how I was going to choose between the two, but I ended up taking a book out by each person, Oprah’s “What I Know For Sure” and Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” (two great books I have to say). Oprah was the choice for me because I think a part of me was being swayed by outside parties to do Maya. And although she is very eminent, I believe Oprah has the stage presence I’m looking for (A main part of her job is talking in front of people). Myself, Nazlie, Hira, and Sydney worked together extremely well together to plan this field trip! This was my first time planning a field trip, so taking in all the calculations for bus drivers and gas money and so on was a learning experience, and I never realized how expensive it was to plan and pursue a event like this! I really enjoyed getting to know more of the nines, and talking to them about their eminent people. The variation of individuals being studied this year is phenomenal, and I’m excited to see everyone’s projects!

I don’t think the weather could’ve been better. It was a beautiful October day in Vancouver, and although we stood out at times (Macleod’s was certainly not built for large school groups), our solo spots were what helped us blend into the background. During my time against the VPL, strangers passed by me without even noticing that I was there; it was nice being a fly on a wall in such a bustling area of the city. Finally, I did get my (two) pieces of really good margarita pizza, and I gladly consumed them beside fellow pizza eaters. Here, is a short photo gallery of my time at the VPL!

image9 image13image11 image12image3IMG_8965IMG_8977IMG_9004IMG_9013image7