Above are the three drafts I have written for my eminent speech! There is another one on a google doc that will be posted later, but for now I’m going to talk for a bit.

Writing this speech in some aspects was easier than last years, however on the other hand it was harder. Since I am Oprah this year, I didn’t have to worry about the perspective of the speech because it’s from the perspective of myself. As well, I only have to write to a maximum of two minutes, not seven like last year. Yet, only being able to speak for two minutes is difficult because there is so much that you want to say about your person, as your person, but you don’t want to verbal vomit on the audience with words. It’s really about finding the balance between not saying too much, not saying too little, and trying to capture your persons legacy/gift to the world in one speech. I think the key to it is having a quote, line, or word in mind and build around it for your speech (almost how I write poetry). Since I am closing the speeches, I know that I have to end on a good note. I’ll probably end up changing the last few lines, because those need to be killer. Anyways, here is my speech/final draft.

Every life has a story. And I have been honoured to tell the ones of thousands for twenty-five years. I’ve always known that this was only the beginning of my journey, that starting out as a radio talk show host was a role too small for my entity. To my viewers, whose names I may never know, thank you. You, and this show have been the great love of my life, and I will never forget you. I am not defined by one thing, and although I may only ever be known because of my show, I will use it as my foundation to plant more seeds of who I will be, and watch myself grow, and cultivate roots deeper than I could ever fathom. Some argue that I already done so, yet like each new season, change comes along, and with it, you reflect and regrow. This time, my reflection is a mirror image of my growth. I am set out to create a network focused on values and inspiration and becoming the best you that there is is. If there is one thing I have learned from this show, is that meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things is far more interesting than having a celebrity promote their movie to you, however, some of my most favourite “aha moments” have come from them. Now, as this piece of my life comes to a close, I remind myself that we are all made for greatness. That you can have it all, just not all at once, and something that I absolutely know for sure, is that when you get the chance, go for it. So, as I embark on this new adventure, I ask, will you take a chance, and come with me?


As well, my learning centre is going to include Oprah Tea (possibly), lemon pound cake (an Oprah favourite), and me, sitting down with my guests, and interviewing them!


Catch you on the flip side,

Night of the Notables: t minus three days