July 11th, 1789

I am Maximilien Fran├žois Marie Isidore de Robespierre; your fifth elected deputy of the The Third Estate. What happened at the National Assembly, was a pure act of discrimination to the lower class by the king himself. I am not sure what more we can do to convince him that our taxes are too high, and that every man in our beloved country should have equal rights. Does Louis not see the starving families out on the streets? While he prances around Versailles with his child bride (who’s only a walking and talking truce between the two countries) the people of France, the people of his country are begging for freedom and rights. Hath he not taken enough from us? I believe in the people. I believe in The Third Estate and the public. Behind the beggars and the poor these are French men and women are fundamentally good and therefore are deserving of a complete and unbiased government. They are deserving of a Republic. As well your “royal highness”, surrounding us representatives with troops of your own and foreign ones too will not scare us into backing down. We have fought tooth and nail to be seen by you and the estates, and although I do enjoy a good game of tennis, that sworn oath is not a childish truce. Just you wait Louis, you have sparked something in the people of Paris the moment you closed your doors. Enjoy the riches now, trust me, it won’t last long.



Maximilien Robespierre