I assume I have a bit of explaining to do. I realize that this post, and the absence of my other posts is far overdue, however, the conclusion I’ve come to after all this time can make up for it.

Going into this study I believed that I had a mentor to work with, and I was very excited to start mentoring with said person. Yet after a brief chat on Facebook, I ended up without a mentor, and a little lost and confused on what to do, and where to take this project. As this was happening, I also qualified, and made it onto the 2016 Hullaballoo team. As my life wrapped itself around Hullabaloo, I subconsciously put my in-depth study on the backburner, and basically forgot about it.

My original plan for my in-depth study was to improve my writing skills of poetry, and to pick up on different leadership/mentoring techniques for my own use. I wanted to immerse myself more into the poetry community, and be able to give my own feedback/constructive criticism on other people’s work.

What ended up happening was a mix of what I had planned for, and a bit of the unexpected.


Team Cool, Calm, Neglected.

I recently¬†realized that although I didn’t have a set mentor, I did in fact have an entire team of mentors ready to encourage and give feedback at the snap of a quick Facebook message or text. Who were they?

Team Cool, Calm, Neglected. My Hullabaloo team. Emma, Lyle, Hira, Anike, Ben, Minlyn, and our wonderful coach Jamie have been working with me and on my poetry since January, and have helped me grow tremendously in my writing and performing skills. In my next upcoming blog posts I will be searching through poetry notebooks, group chats, text messages, workshop feedback, and my memory for moments when my mentors were being mentors, and as well as being my dear friends!