Welcome back! This post if you haven’t received the clue from the title, is a post introducing my mentors and giving a bit of background on each person! I will be writing about the members of Team Cool, Calm, Neglected, and as well as the wordplay poet that came in and did a performance workshop with us, courtesy of Hullabaloo 2016. So without further adieu, here are my mentors!


Emma Field

13071858_1004081926312460_2956786136306557820_o Emma Field is a name you are going to be hearing about for a long time in the poetry world, and I’m lucky enough to know her as a mentor, team member, poet, and dear friend. She enjoys baking, petting her cats, and sending me snapchats of her older sister, Kelsey. Did I also mention that she is a two time member of the Vancouver youth poetry team? As captain of Glen’s Hullabaloo team three years in a row, you can say she has enough experience under her belt for all of us! Emma has been competing in the poetry circuit since 2013, and has competed in Hullabaloo twice now. Her wisdom in developing metaphors and using them to take the audience on a jam packed journey exemplifies her knack for descriptive language (look up poems “Love From The Iceberg”, and “Instructions For My Funeral”). Emma has helped me develop my story arc in poems, strengthen my descriptive language/writing .

Lyle Hendriks  

13041237_1004080056312647_2903365051345048047_oNot only is Lyle one of my best friends, however he is also one of the only people I know that can write performance ready pieces in one sitting, and spit bars and have diction like no one else can. Will he ever say things like this about himself? Probably not. These poets tend to be modest of their work and performances. Lyle, Jamie, and Emma have been writing and performing since 2013 individually, and as a team at Hullabaloo. Lyle has helped me get to the point of my poetry, and upping the energy in my performances. He has always been honest with me and my writing, and nevers misses a chance to remind me of how far I’ve come in my writing, and how proud he is of me.

Jamie Fajber


Although Jamie wasn’t on the team this year as a competitor, we made the unanimous decision to have him as our team coach and mentor for this year. He was our core support system, always willing to give feedback and help us out with our poems. Jamie always brings out the box ideas for blocking during our performances, and knows exercises like the back of his hand to help us get a different tone or emotion out of our poetry. He was with us from day one, and I am so thankful that he decided to be our coach this year. He too has been writing and slamming for the same period time as Emma and Lyle, and has recently become interested in teaching poetry workshops to students in our school district. From what I’ve read and seen, Jamie writes frequently of personal stories, and puts a spin of them with a unique and complex metaphor. It’s something I highly admire, and a style of writing I tend to lean towards to.

Minlyn Chen, Hira Lalani, Benedict Mendez, and Anika Lee

I couldn’t post this entry without acknowledging my four other teammates who helped me get to where I am with the poems I performed at Hullabaloo. It’s best to get as much feedback as you can from different people, because they bring out their own ideas and opinions on ways to improve your poem and how to take it to the next level. Ben is like a walking dictionary, so his knowledge aided me in writing with more descriptive and richer language. Minlyn is a flow genius, so he helped with creating lines that had better flow to them. Hira has a very useful and unique way of plotting out her poems before even writing them, and I was thankful enough for her to share with me her writing process. I enjoyed the process so much that I even picked up a few points that she uses to help kickstart her writing. Anika has a way of asking you questions to help you get to the point of your poetry, which in my opinion is crucial to knowing your piece by heart. I was able to achieve a complete understanding of my poetry and the lines I decided to write, with the help of Anika making me dive deeper into the meaning of my poetry.