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In-Depth 2016

The making of Salem

Salem is probably the piece I am most proud of at the moment. Although it shows progress in my writing compared to the poems I was writing a year ago, it is also the first heavily feminist themed poem I… Continue Reading →

Meet The Mentors!

Welcome back! This post if you haven’t received the clue from the title, is a post introducing my mentors and giving a bit of background on each person! I will be writing about the members of Team Cool, Calm, Neglected,… Continue Reading →

A little bit of explaining to do…

I assume I have a bit of explaining to do. I realize that this post, and the absence of my other posts is far overdue, however, the conclusion I’ve come to after all this time can make up for it…. Continue Reading →

In-Depth 2016: Spoken Word Poetry

And just like that we are starting in-depth! It feels like only a week ago that I was teaching myself the basic chords of the ukulele, and only yesterday that I was performing in front of a large crowd for… Continue Reading →

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