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Social Studies

Maximilien Robespierre Roleplay:

July 11th, 1789 I am Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre; your fifth elected deputy of the The Third Estate. What happened at the National Assembly, was a pure act of discrimination to the lower class by the king himself…. Continue Reading →


  republicans: don’t u ever come near me or my guns again#talonsss16 — Emma MacDonald (@eemmamay) April 8, 2016 hilary clinton: im not like other politicians i love the gays ♡ (im straight btw) #talonsss16 — Emma MacDonald (@eemmamay) April… Continue Reading →

BIG ideas

Last year my socials work revolved around the topics of privilege and social issues involving race, and the ethics and morals of the human race. For example, I published posts about the Importance of the Underground Railroad , the open-ended question… Continue Reading →

Socials Final: “A Good Life”

I wrote my “life” or autobiography in three parts: The beginning, middle, and end to show my characters change and development over times. I put about five to six years between each part, with my character having been about twenty… Continue Reading →

Crocodiles and Political Narratives

Thanks to a invigorating test off the internet, I apparently side with #TeamTrudeau on most political issues including domestic policy, healthcare, and education. 91% with Liberals, 89% with the NDP, and 84% with the Green Party (my mother would be… Continue Reading →

The aftermath of residential schools

I am drawn to the relationship between Aboriginal people and Canada like I am drawn to a train wreck. It’s something that I can’t look away from, it’s something that fascinates me. There is no doubt that the trauma residential… Continue Reading →


View my midterm here (wouldn’t let me embed, I do apologize)  

“Canada is going to be a force to be reckoned with”

I don’t want to be remembered as the only person to have ever thrown up in the house of commons. I want to be remembered as the man that helped create Canada by bringing with him the province of New… Continue Reading →

Confederation? I think yes.

Confederation for the nation Trust me we have gratification To the empire of the rising sun But your sons must break free From your iron fist and metal bars This country was not created to be weighed down I only… Continue Reading →

Hello, fair reader

Hello fair reader, this is Samuel Leonard Tilley. It strikes me that you have an interest with me, I am only a simple young man from Gagetown. Since I am a recently certified pharmacist, I have opened up a drugstore with… Continue Reading →

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